Earn more with insightful time tracking.

Punch is a web-based time-tracker with practical insights to improve your productivity and billing. It's useful for businesses, freelancers, start-up teams and more.

  • Track your time per-client and per-project.
  • Get instant suggestions on what to work on next.
  • Check your progress and then invoice quickly when finished.


Special offer for early adopters.

Early adopters pay $100 once.

No recurring charges.

We're confident that with your improved productivity, Punch will quickly pay for itself.

When launched, we anticipate that Punch will be $29 per month for new users.

Punch is quick and powerful but doesn't get in your way.
Learn more about the Punch interface.

1Instantly search clients and projects to punch in.
2Track time for invoicing and/or productivity.
3Be aware of projects nearing or exceeding budgets and retainers.
4Check your daily progress against past performance.
5Find ways to improve relative to your average week.
6Don't miss deadlines. Punch straight into urgent projects.
7Review your task history for the day.
8Stay aware of what colleagues or staff are working on.
9Quickly clock into tasks from personal and team-based To Do lists.

No one but you will stand up for your earning potential. Stop waiting, take control and get motivation that works.

A motivated freelancer billing $100/hour could get a solid boost with small improvements to productivity:

  • Extra 15 mins/week? +$1,200/year*
  • Extra 15 mins/day? +$6,000/year*
  • Extra 45 mins/day? +$18,000/year*

Punch is for

Writers, graphic designers, photographers and more.

Get the external encouragement and support you need to increase your billings.

"If your Tuesdays were as productive as your Wednesdays, you could potentially bill an extra $7,600 each year. Start strong to improve your chances."

Punch is for
Small Businesses

Creative agencies, web developers, architects, lawyers, etc.

Motivate your employees to clock more billable time and be accountable.

"You're only 1.2 hours from setting the team record for a Monday. Minimise gaps between punches."

Punch is for
Startup Teams

Lone wolves, remote teams, side projects, SaaS ventures...

Keep each other inspired and productive, and track which features are taking most of your time.

"Your last two Thursdays were above average. Keep it going! Punch into your TO DO list right away."

Take a quick look at the Punch interface in action.