The insightful time tracker that earns you more.

1Track time for invoicing and/or productivity.

Punch is a web-based time-tracker with practical insights to improve your productivity and billing.

It's useful for businesses, freelancers, start-up teams and more. A motivated freelancer billing $100/hour could get a solid boost:

  • Extra 15 mins/week? +$1,200/year*
  • Extra 15 mins/day? +$6,000/year*
  • Extra 45 mins/day? +$18,000/year*

Learn about Punch's features below and see our offer for early-adopters...

Punch is for

Writers, graphic designers, photographers and more.

Get the external encouragement and support you need to increase your billings.

"If your Tuesdays were as productive as your Wednesdays, you could potentially bill an extra $7,600 each year. Start strong to improve your chances."

Punch is for
Small Businesses

Creative agencies, web developers, architects, lawyers, etc.

Motivate your employees to clock more billable time and be accountable.

"You're only 1.2 hours from setting the team record for a Monday. Minimise gaps between punches."

Punch is for
Startup Teams

Lone wolves, remote teams, side projects, SaaS ventures...

Keep each other inspired and productive, and track which features are taking most of your time.

"Your last two Thursdays were above average. Keep it going! Punch into your TO DO list right away."

Features that will get you on track and efficient:


  • Per-client and per-project tracking Unlimited clients, projects and time tracking
  • Improve your earnings Regular, practical insights to help you improve your efficiency
  • Fully mobile responsive Use your phone or desktop browser, or even have a browser as a slim sidebar on your screen where you can see it.
  • Use personal tasks to maintain balance Identify gaps in your working day as being for legitimate breaks — to eat, stretch your legs or study — rather than just assume it's unproductive
  • See what your team is working on Make sure employees are tackling priority jobs
  • Switch projects and take notes easily Easy context-switching to help you log everything that matters
  • Punch in from your browser Quickly clock in or change tasks right from your browser (currently Chrome only)


  • Track productivity by day and hour Find out when you work best, and where to find improvements
  • Get quick suggestions on what to work on Avoid losing time wondering what to work on next
  • Get a real sense of improving efficiency Easy-to-read graphs showing if and how you are getting more efficient
  • Set and hit daily targets beta Use daily targets to lift your production levels
  • Control how much Punch nags you beta Not everyone wants to be operating at 100% every second; you can dial down Punch's efforts to motivate you
  • Track your efficiency and that of employees Punch suits consultants, freelancers and teams alike


  • Per-client time reports beta Automatic, detailed reports for each client of who clocked time on which projects
  • Fixed price jobs Quickly see how far through a budget you are for a job
  • Weekly or monthly budgets/retainers beta Set regular budgets for either client retainers or your own marketing or writing
  • Can complement an existing time tracker Use Punch for per-project tracking and invoicing, or purely for productivity analysis
  • Invoicing with Xero beta Streamline your invoicing by optionally integrating with Xero
  • Time rounding and minimum punches Boost your billings so you are not being disadvantaged by tiny changes
  • Share your improvements with peers beta Share your broader productivity information while hiding private client and budget details

Special offer for early adopters...

Early adopters pay $100 once. No recurring charges. We're confident that with your improved productivity, Punch will quickly pay for itself.

When launched, we anticipate that Punch will be $29 per month for new users.

Interested in using Punch?

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Punch is made in Australia.

Years ago, we created the original Punch as a custom time-tracker that helped collate staff time and bill our clients.
Over time, we realised how many ways it could inch our efficiency forward — better tracking for clients, more insights for us — and help eliminate procrastination and distractions.
We've found the new Punch to be a huge upgrade and hope it can be an asset for your business too. And it's only getting better...

Isaac and Tom